CSUEB Warren Hall Demolition

August 20, 2013 in My Life, Video

8.17.13 – We went out to watch the demolition of Cal State East Bay’s old Warren Hall Administration Building set to happen at 9am. There were a surprisingly much greater amount of people who came out to watch the landmark building than I expected. Cal State East Bay had never been very significant to me but for many people who have lived nearby or attended in the past it turned out to be a pretty emotional moment. Many people voiced their opinion against what happened but due to the building not being safe in the event of a large earthquake it had to go.

It was quick and awesome. Without warning there was the sound of large explosives, followed by 3-4 seconds of waiting, and then the whole building came down and disappeared.

Crews used over 450 pounds of explosives and 1,100 detonation charges in the implosion!

And boom goes the dynamite…

Here is the last shot I took before it came down.