experimenting with volleyball

February 5, 2009 in Photography

This past week was the first time that I shot volleyball with my strobes. When I put my strobes in the Bren Events Center earlier this school year, I took into consideration that I would be shooting volleyball at some point. I found out which side UCI would start so that I could position my strobes facing that side of the court. This way I would be able to shoot at least 2 out of 3 matches per game with my strobes, since I am only lighting half of the court.

Anyways, this was the first volleyball game I had shot all year. I missed the previous two home games due to being out of town.

I found that using the strobes wasn’t too bad. The pictures were sharp and they popped. They also didn’t have any noise. But with the strobes I could only shoot from the end of the court. When I tried shooting from the side, I ended up with some pretty bad shadows all over the players.





I’m still trying to decide what I think of these strobes…or at least the fact that I only have two instead of four. Sometimes I love them. Sometimes I hate them. My creativity is fueled by the opportunity to use them. But at the same time, my creativity is limited by them. Getting two more lights is not an option at this point. Selling all my canon gear + strobes then buying a D3 is tempting. I guess we’ll see.