Just Another Normal Tahoe Winter…

January 15, 2012 in Family, My Life, Photography, Travel

I planned a trip to Tahoe for this weekend about three months ago. I assumed that there would be snow like usual….and it turns out that this is the driest year since snow records have been kept. Its sunny but still chilly. Our first day up we went for a small hike since our Heavenly passes are blocked out today for MLK Day weekend. It’s weird to be up here right now because it doesn’t even feel like winter. There is absolutely no snow on the ground and the skies are completely clear. And people say rain is depressing….

I brought up my Canon 5D mkii and Fuji X10 but didn’t realize that I forgot my CF cards in my other camera bag with my 1D back at home because I was using that this past week. So this weekend is a good chance for me to get a little more familiar with my Fuji X10. This weekend is also a good chance for me to think long and hard about selling all my Canon equipment and switching back to Nikon for the D4. Ever since I sold my D3 and picked Canon back up I have consistently been frustrated by little things here and there. Don’t get me wrong, Canon makes great equipment, but for me it comes down to what feels better in my hand and what is more intuitive to use. Nikon won me over with the D3 and from what I hear the D4 (minus the price) wont fail to impress either.

Enjoy the photos!

Still playing around with some processing techniques.




Here is the first time I’ve attempted tilt-shift processing in Lightroom. I think it turned out decent but I think I can do a little better.


And this is my first infrared processing. The branches on the right are not branches…they are the roots from a toppled tree.



Watch out for Big Foot.