looking away from the action…looking for more

February 23, 2009 in Photography

For once, I wasn’t the staff photographer covering the basketball game. I knew this was my chance to try something different. I wanted to get a new angle that I had never tried to get. Something away from the action. Something with a clean background. Something that people can’t see on their own. I had read an article about the 12-14 cameras that SI photographer John McDonough brings to an average NBA game, and came across this unique angle. An overhead remote of the players bench. I was told that I was not allowed to be up in the catwalks during a game, so I decided to setup a remote. I like how it turned out and am happy with all of the photos. The only thing was that the UCI Athletics photographer was actually up there during a game and got a shot that looked identical to mine. And his was all over the front page of the website that week…so much for a unique angle.