Rebranding my photography

May 21, 2012 in Photography

It feels good to be back…so whats new with me? I have recently decided to add weddings/engagements to my photography expertise. For you it might not sound like a big deal, but for me its a potentially huge photo-lifestyle and career move.

When I first began my photography career I shot sports, editorials, sports, portraits, sportraits, sports, sports, products, sports, and sports. I was so set on shooting sports that I never even entertained the idea of shooting a wedding. Now that I’m working an 8-5 job every day, I feel like I am becoming stagnant as a photographer. By “stagnant” I mean that I haven’t felt the progression and adaptability that I’ve come accustomed to while shooting sports. At work I shoot products in a studio which is often a learning experience in its own right, but it leaves me wanting more. I miss capturing stories, emotions, expressions, peak action, and defining moments. I love to build relationships with subjects/clients, learn about them, and tell their story. I’ve wanted a new challenge, something that I’m passionate about, and a skill that I can develop. I’ve come to realize that so much of what I love about shooting sports can carry over directly to wedding photography. So after turning down around 25 wedding photography requests over the past few years I am officially refocusing towards shooting weddings.

So I’m going to shoot weddings. Great! Now what…well it doesn’t happen over night. I need experience, a portfolio, clients, referrals, and a ton of other important stuff.

I’ve already shot 3 engagement sessions, am second shooting two weddings this weekend, and have 4 weddings booked for fall 2012 and early 2013. My experience and portfolio are on the way and will continue to grow as quick as I can book new gigs. If you have recently gotten engaged or know somebody who has gotten engaged then please contact me for a consultation. I am also looking for work as a second shooter/assistant while I build my portfolio so if you know other wedding photographers (ideally in the SF/Bay Area) please forward me their contact info.

I’m also working on a new site, focused towards my wedding photography while still showcasing my full array of strengths in sports, portraits, commercial, and video/multimedia. If anybody has experience with branding and would be open to a conversation then please contact me as I have a few questions.

My only official business name “Scaughty Photography” was in the Ultimate Frisbee niche. I also unofficially labeled some of my non-ultimate photos under “Scott Roeder Photography” and “Scott Roeder Productions”. I plan to choose one OFFICIAL business name and rebrand myself with a focus on wedding photography. “Scaughty Photography” has worked for me but would like something a little more serious/professional and am leaning towards “Scott Roeder Photography” right now. My main focus is photos but does it seem appropriate even if I do some video work as well? Comments and feedback are always appreciated!