UCI Photo Scavenger Hunt

January 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Viento Residents (From Left): Marlon Castillo, Pratik Panda, Christine Mathewson, Alex Helmintoller.

There was a photo scavenger hunt that was hosted by UCI Yearbook earlier in winter quarter. I entered by dorm in the competition and when the day came I was only able to round up four of my kids. Despite our lacking numbers we still had a lot of fun running around the campus, figuring out riddle, and taking photos.

I had my camera set on manual focus and didn’t realize it until after the first two photos that were taken at the new building next to Donald Bren Hall…

“Beware of falling Branches” sign in Aldrich Park.

Infinite Fountain.

Natural Sciences II.

Science Library (view 1).

Science Library (view 2).

UCI Bicycle sharing program.

B.C.’s Tavern.

Aldrich Park.

Humanities Gateway.

Fountain sculpture in the Arts School.

Cyber A Cafe.

Anteater statue in front of the Bren Events Center.

Gateway Study Center.

Very center of Aldrich Park.

ASUCI office (where the Yearbook office is).