American Underwater Products CSUEB Warren Hall Demolition Inaugural MLU Match: SF Dogfish vs Portland Stags Drag the shutter Alameda County Fair 2013 Talkin’ bout Practice: Pinball Preview JE Model: James Clarke San Francisco Dogfish 2013 Combine Remembering where I started Rebranding my photography Just Another Normal Tahoe Winter… Hiking and processing Flashback: Valencia Flashback: There was Snow in 2009 2011 USAU College Championships – Day 3 2011 USAU College Championships Women’s Semifinals: Oregon vs Michigan 2011 USAU College Championships Men’s Semifinals: Carelton vs Iowa Homemade Sushi Round One 2011 USAU College Championships Women’s Semifinals: UCSB vs Stanford 2011 USAU College Championships: Random set 2011 USAU College Championships – Day 2 2011 USAU College Championships – Saturday Preview 2011 USAU College Championships – Day 1 Field Trip to The California Academy of Science/Steinhart Aquarium Just like being back in school Unexpected Opportunity The Daily #9 – Noname The Daily #8 – Cookie Pops 2011 Womens College Centex The Daily #7 – Up Tea Party The Daily #6 – Presidio The Daily #5 – Boy Scout The Daily #4 – Circus Banana French Toast The Daily #3 – Overhead The Daily #2 – INTIMIDATION The Daily #1 – Back to Basics Don’t call it a comeback… Charles Jock Photoshoot + behind the scenes video 2010 UCI Shocktoberfest/Midnight Magic Video Backpacking through Europe Ping Pong Photoshoot Fencing Photoshoot theres been talk of video…here it is Big West Track & Field Championships busy shooting baseball Seeing Different Daily 2010 UC1 24-Hour Mad FIlm Dash Oh Man! Clothing Photoshoot…trying out the commerical side testing the d3s and a 400mm with UCI Volleyball ASUCI Presents: Common, B.O.B, The Cool Kids shooting volleyball from close up, working on framing Ants vs Eaters Baseball Feature The Breakfast Club (remix) Photoshoot: UCI Baseball Player Francis Larson UCI womens waterpolo uci mens basketball: shooting from the stands uci baseball is back & so are experimental remotes double-shot of UCI Mens Volleyball womens basketball, chipotle parachute & real fans change of plans…change of rules keeping it simple UCI Photo Scavenger Hunt UCI Spirit Squad coach video, video, and more video branching out and shooting dancing making the band on fancy friday lugging lights all over campus…last minute rugby portrait working with womens basketball Letter scare at UCI UCI Mens Volleyball is back! shooting spot news & still trying to challenge myself things fall apart, so have a backup plan ready When in Rome…bring an extra battery back to the baseline, back to basics UCI comes close, but fails to advance in the NCAA tournament back to shooting Volleyball from up top & reflections on the floor back to BBall, the start of the 2009-2010 season what birds see tough loss to northride, but still in the semis art gallery assignment lighting up a building long lens…shorts lens…experimenting with shooting styles shooting pumpkins unlearning my laziness & working the sides h20 team cools off while I bake in the sun UCI Basketball 2009-2010 Intro Video Shocktoberfest 2009 uci soccer + 5d mark II…missing my D3 I love shooting waterpolo! recreating a masterpiece…power rangers style Shooting more volleyball but shooting less yudof comes to UCI…protests and high security womens volleyball plays, so does the mens team womens soccer…rockin the yellow jerseys Back at school, shooting soccer once again Santa Barbara Invite 2009 – UC Irvine Mens Ultimate first car photoshoot, restricted areas, and tricky lighting first time in a private airplane and a tour of the bay area getting back into shooting skateboarding San Francisco Pro-Am Summer Basketball League getting inked shooting fashion on call D3 Photos from Valencia, Spain Valencia…the hotness winning the chance to be on the other side of the camera NCAA College Baseball Regionals – Irvine, Ca – Day 3 NCAA College Baseball Regionals – Irvine, Ca – Day 2 NCAA College Baseball Regionals – Irvine, Ca – Day 1 Cicerone Field deication and UCI beats UCLA in the 10th back to baseball…another shot at homeplate action & post-game fireworks pictures of pitchers…improvising & shooting under pressure Road to Provo – NCAA Volleyball Championships – Day 4 Road to Provo – NCAA Volleyball Championships – Day 3 I’ve moved! Road to Provo – NCAA Volleyball Championships – Day 2 Road to Provo – NCAA Volleyball Championships – Day 1 No.1 team crushed in the semi’s, i get caught…Utah here we come OC to Mammoth and back in 24 hours UCI track stars, on-location group portrait dwight howard inspired concept, empty arena & lots of equipment uci baseball, my first game this year, far from the last Lighting workshop @ Tikko Studios h2O & nikon Keeping things interesting, shooting from above, playing with light think fast and shoot the good life rainy day fun bigger is not always better Mens Basketball : UCI vs UCR UCI Mens BBall vs CSUN…Blacked Out! finding the sweet spot looking away from the action…looking for more raining in the OC? lights, camera, work it never rely on your remote camera experimenting with volleyball updated tear-sheets getting paid mine from beginning to end Overhead remote, Part II Recent feature assignments glad to be back after a long break Trip to the ER First time setting up a clock-cam Last Soccer Game of the Year Basketball : UCI vs Oregon Goalie Portrait UCI vs Eastern Washington @ The Bren Events Center UCI vs USC @ The Galen Center A Step in a Different Direction Big West Championship Roeder’s Runners First Time Shooting Soccer with a 400mm Goodnight at Crawford Court Southwest Regionals in Colorado First time at The Wedge Schocktoberfest/Midnight Magic 2008 Arena Lighting – Strobes in the Bren!!! Hidden Valley Denial Updated Tearsheets Sportrait…Kinda Zero Rest… SB Classsic 2008 New House….New Toys!!! Lately… Unused photos…Olympic Volleyabll Big Cake!!! Maloof Money Cup Big Red Night Session Irvine Business Park Gap More Vans… Vans Product Shots & Light Painting First Strobed Skateboarding – 6/15/08 Frank Doorhof Lighting Workshop Mesa Parking Structure Shoot Bicycle Remote in Aldrich park Messing around with a lighting kit First Post…..First Drink