2010 UC1 24-Hour Mad FIlm Dash

April 27, 2010 in Video

On April 24th at 12am I participated in the UCI 24-hour Mad Film Dash for the first time. Every year I have wanted to do it but I have been busy. This was the first year that I got a chance to participate and it was a lot of fun. Stressful but fun. I was on a team made up of several kids from my dorm. We were given three genres to choose from, those being Superhero, Drama, or Music Video. We choose music video thinking that it was going to be the easiest, although found that it was much harder than we had anticipated. Everything from the idea, script, filming, location finding, and editing were all done in 24 hours.

We also had to incorporate a reusable bag, a reference to the UCI Bookstore, and the line “There’s more to it than that”.

Team name: Silly Hot dog Monsters
Team Number: 40
Title: Telephone (Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce)
Genre: Music Video
Artifact: Reusable Bag
Line: “There’s more to it than that”

Team Members:

– Pratik Panda
– Scott Roeder
– Jaclyn Wang
– Christine Mathewson
– Rashmi Guttal
– Jessica Enriquez
– Tiffany Anguiano

This film is made as part of the
UCI Computerstores 6th Annual 24-Hour Mad Film Dash.

Co-Sponsored by:
-The UCI Computerstore (a department of The UCI Bookstore)
-AMP Energy
-Film & Media Studies
-The Claire Trevor School of the Arts

The video was shot completely on a Canon 7D and with a 50mm 1.8. We used a custom DIY dolly for the rolling/panning shots. For lighting, we just grabbed desk lamps and other lights from our rooms and just lugged them around form location to location.

Here are some shots of the crew at two of the music video locations.