Lighting workshop @ Tikko Studios

April 20, 2009 in Photography, Portraits


Canon 1D Mark IIn, 17-40mm @ 40mm, 100iso, f10, 1/250th

Last week I went to a free lighting workshop at Tikko Studios in Fullerton. The company was founded and is run by two UCI alumni, which is how I heard about it. It was a fun event. There were snacks and beverages, slide show presentations, models to shoot, and tons of other local photographer to meet. The lighting tutorials were not as advanced as I had hoped but it was still very informative and they did a really good job of teaching how to interact with your subject. I didn’t take too many photos, as I was there mostly there to listen and absorb knowledge, but here are a few shots.


Canon 1D Mark IIn, 70-200mm @ 85mm, 100iso, f10, 1/125th


Canon 1D Mark IIn, 17-40mm @ 28mm, 100iso, f16, 1/200th