Recent feature assignments

January 29, 2009 in Photography

I’ve done two feature photos for sports articles in the past two weeks. It amazes me every time I pull one off. On top of work, ultimate, basketball, and school, I have no idea how I manage to take some photos on the side. And its not only taking the photo. Most of my time is spent calling up friends, tying to borrow equipment, finding locations, getting access and asking for help.

Anyways, the first shoot I did was with four guys from the UCI Men’s Volleyball team. The sports editor called me up and told me that he was writing a sports feature about these players who were the “foundation” of the team. He immediately pitched the idea of shooting them on one of the many construction sites on campus. I was definitely in. I had already had the idea of doing a portrait shoot on a construction site, the only problem was who to shoot. And actually a bigger problem was access. But, the sports editor had already been talking with the construction company and a UCI Athletics Communications person, and got them to say yes.

I borrowed a Mola dish with an AB800 from a friend and used it along with my two sunkpak 555’s. I planned to shoot each player separately and then create a composite but it didn’t work out. I didn’t have the manpower to move the lights for each player, plus the players were pressed for time. I think it turned out pretty well though.


Here it is after some PP, all done in lightroom.


The next feature photo I shot was of a UCI Men’s Basketball player. I again spent a lot of effort gathering equipment and planning out the shoot. I had a few shots that I was set on taking. I borrowed my friends Mola dish again and used a similar setup, although this time I shot inside a gym. Everything seemed normal….although this time I left with a feeling of dissatisfaction.

During the shoot I was taking pictures and looking at the back of my camera. Nothing was turning out right. I had all the lights in the right places and I knew what I wanted it to look like. But nothing. Not nothing, but not what I was picturing in my head. After changing just about every setting, I just finished up and called it quits. I had shots that were usable but nothing that really stood out. As I was packing up all my equipment I saw a small white cloth bunched up on the ground next to my bag. It was right then that I realized what happened. I forgot to put that small little cloth over the Mola dish. It would have softened up the main light and it would have came out beautifully. I couldn’t believe that I had missed something so small. Anyways, I managed to save it a little in photoshop. It turned out ok. I learned my lesson.